You’re able to change your delivery instructions by logging into your account and selecting the ‘Preferences’ tab. Here you’ll find the option to ‘Tell us where to leave your box’. 

Note down any delivery instructions in this box and make sure to click the save button at the bottom right of the page when done. 

Since we deliver overnight and cannot guarantee a delivery time, our drivers are informed not to buzz or ring post 9 pm. If you are unsure of the safety of your delivery spot, or your building has entry only with a key/FOB/code, please mention BUZZ AT ANYTIME or CALL AT ANYTIME (followed by your contact no.) so the drivers will be alerted to do so without hesitation.

Please ensure this update is done before your cut-off otherwise it won’t save for your next delivery. In this case please contact us at but do bear in mind that it may be too late for us to make the change in time.

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