In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, and to safeguard our drivers, we have made a decision to stop collecting old boxes for the time being. Please recycle or reuse your box, and if any crafty creations come of it - please get in touch!

We at ODDBOX believe in ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and therefore work towards reducing the amount of packaging we use.

We used to reuse the old boxes we received however now, due to the sheer volume of boxes we collect and our small warehouse space, we aren't able to sort though these for the usable ones. Instead we send these boxes directly back to our packaging supplier to be recycled straight back into production.  

Simply leave your old box in your safe place on the night of your delivery and we'll pick it up. If we forget to pick it up, please in touch at hello@oddbox.co.uk and we’ll flag this with the driver to make sure your old boxes are collected on your next delivery.

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